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Here is my article 101 Sublimation Tips & Tricks 2010 just published in this year’s Sublimation Almanac.

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Conde Spring Newsletter

Here is our Spring newsletter.

Conde ideas for Spring

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This video shows you how easy it is to start a home business using sublimation.

Sublimation Jewelry Business

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My Best 100 sublimation tips & tricks

Here is my article for A&E magazine detailing my best 100 sublimation tips & tricks.

sublimation tips & tricks

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New sublimation pennants

Take a look at the new sublimation pennants from Conde.

Click here Conde Pennants

Here is my article about the new Ricoh printers published in the Sublimation Almanac.

Road to Sublimation Success



e3300n sublimation tour and setup video

Here is my video showing how to set up our new Dyetrans e3300n printer using the sublijet R ink.

Click here to watch e3300n tour

Click here to attend a free webinar on advances in transfer paper. Hosted by NBM and given by Conde’ Doug DeWitt on April 6, 2010.

Click here:
http://New Advances in Transfer Paper Webinar



New Image Clip laser dark Videos

Take a look at Doug DeWitt’s 5 video series on imageclip laser dark.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



neoprene for dye sublimation

A small revolution is happening in the dye sub desktop community: neoprene.

Formerly used exclusively for deep sea diver wetsuits, neoprene had a “comeback” a few years ago when Patagonia┬« started selling eyeglass retainers and other sportsy beach items made from the spongy material, but the fact that the material will readily accept dye sublimation makes it ideal for the dye sub operator.

Cond├ę Systems, Inc. ( is the first dye sub supplier to take full advantage of this new material. They are offering laptop cases in three sizes, coin purses, golf club covers, eyeglass cases and you can even get the material by the yard. Every day they come out with new items. The latest are cellphone cases in two sizes.

Imprinting neoprene is as easy as printing tee shirts. Some of the items have zippers and they need to be protected from the heat press, but most of the items are very quickly printed. The material itself is easy to sew, so you can imprint it before or after assembling your own project. A light pressure keeps it from becoming too flattened but it may be that you would like it to be a thin item, in which case you would use heavier pressure to make the material as flat as possible.

Note that the neoprene will also accept heat transfer application, but the feel of the transfer would be noticeable and the image would likely crack or peel as the stretchy neoprene undergoes usage. The dye sublimation process is ideal for neoprene printing as the dyes sink into the material and the images resist damage from normal use.

Look for many new exciting products and clothing to be introduced made of neoprene. The fashion industry will discover this versatile material and accessory items will be created that make use of this durable material. Not just for swimming any more..

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